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Mobile Phone Numbers

Mobile phone numbers are not the same in every country. Some countries use longer mobile phone numbers than others, due to concerns about population growth or to help differentiate different kinds of numbers. With many people using mobile phones in preference to landlines, the usefulness of a directory of mobile phone numbers cannot be denied. Comprehensive attempts at creating a directory of mobile phone numbers similar to the White Pages for landlines have not been successful, although some online alternatives can serve similar roles. These days, the Internet is an excellent starting point for those searching for mobile phone numbers.

Social Networking Sites With Mobile Phone Numbers

While a directory of mobile phone numbers by location would be preferable, social networking and business networking sites can both provide similar functionality. While it is generally advised to never give your mobile phone numbers online, the convenience of listing mobile phone numbers means many people choose to risk some privacy in order to be more contactable. Some networking sites will not allow this, but those that do can serve as a directory of mobile phone numbers. As certain age groups are more or less likely to use such sites, using this method you will be unable to find the mobile phone numbers of many individuals.

Region Codes For Mobile Phone Numbers

When dialling international mobile phone numbers you will need to be aware of any region codes for mobile phone numbers. There are also certain mobile phone numbers that you may be unable to reach from overseas, to do with businesses for instance.

If you have trouble calling overseas mobile phone numbers, then it could be useful to contact an operator, or else look up the region codes online. The region code is usually fixed to the beginning of mobile phone numbers. For instance, if calling Australia from overseas, the mobile phone numbers may start with 614 03, instead of 0403 if calling from within Australia.

Listings Of Mobile Phone Numbers

Due to how much people associate privacy with their mobile phone numbers and the inconvenience of telemarketing calls to mobile phone numbers, listing of mobile phone numbers are quite uncommon. Mobile phone numbers are also likely to expire more often than landline phone numbers, as people will change carriers or may find they have given their mobile phone numbers to an unwanted individual. This means that listings of mobile phone numbers would likely become inaccurate very quickly, although there is certainly a greater ability to retain mobile phone numbers between carriers than there used to be.

As has been mentioned, social networking sites are possibly the most reliable listings of mobile phone numbers available at the moment. As listing mobile phone numbers on such services is completely voluntary, those who do are also likely to keep their details updated.

The problem with listings of mobile phone numbers is that they would find it difficult to protect those who should not list their mobile phone numbers, such as children. A completely voluntary service that requires proof of age and identity would possibly be the only way of offering sensible listings for mobile phone numbers.